Consultancy - Areas/Scope

Design/Architecture/Implemenation Consultancy for Startups

  • Initial design and architecture
  • Seting up basic development tools (version control, issue tracker, automated builds etc)
  • coding/implementation
  • Reviews/audits of design and code to maintain/improve the product quality

C/C++ software development projects

Design review/audits and Design improvements/Refactoring

  • Flexible and modular design
  • Framework design
  • Module and Class Interface design
  • Design for Testability
  • Algorithm design
  • Design for performance

Refactoring and code cleanup

Objective is to reduce 'technical debt' of project/products and to Improve the productivity of team by improving quality of code/design.

  • Identify the modules/files/classes for refactoring.
  • Develop a refactoring roadmap
  • Educate/train the project teams on refactoring workflows
  • Supervise the refactoring implementations

Performance Optimizations

  • Code profiling
  • Interprerting the profiler results and intentifying the code bottlenecks
  • suggest code/algorithm modifications improvements for better performance

Team Productivity Improvements

  • Project Automations (e.g. Automated builds, unit tests)
  • Integrations of bug tracker and version control
  • ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Software Implementation/deployment
  • Defensive coding and coding best practices
  • Design improvements and refactoring
  • Teaching & mentoring for technical competency improvements

Design and Implementation of large scale projects

Project Team Mentoring

  • Writing bug free/easy to debug code
  • Coding and code review best practices
  • Multiple facets of design (design for change, design by contract, design for testability, design for performance, framework design, etc)
  • Project Automation (e.g. automated builds/continuous , automated unit tests etc)
  • Tools Best practices (version control, bug trackers, automated builds, automated tests etc)
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