Nitin is a highly intelligent and outstanding individual. He is dedicated to his team and always strives for perfection. He has deep technical knowledge, intellectual curiosity and a desire to succeed.

Manu Parpia, (MD & CEO, Geometric Ltd).

Nitin excelled at coming up with technology solutions to the most complex business problems

Basil Almeida, (was General Counsel, Geometric Ltd.)

Nitin Bhide always had a "Technical" aura around him. Throughout his tenure in Geometric, he has mentored & developed a "Generation" of excellent software developers. A natural teacher that he is, he enjoyed teaching at Geometric's PLM institute. His sessions ranging from "How to be a good developer" to Mind Manager, Catia CAA & so on were very much appreciated by the employees. While he briefly worked with me in the Professional Services group, he received an excellent feedback from IBM just after he conducted a CAA custom training at Ford Motor Company. He is an ardent reader & a very knowledgeable person. He always keeps himself abreast with the latest developments in Technology. I personally enjoyed interactions with him (as they say, talking to a person is like reading 100 books!). Recently, he led & contributed significantly to the tools initiative & built an integrated system for enhancing productivity of the SDLC

Anand Joshi , (was Chief Technology Officer / Director of Engineering at TechniGraphics now Director at InstaDelight Solutions)

Nitin is one of the outstanding individuals I've worked with. During my association with him for almost 10 years, I have seen him grow in stature, and command respect from everyone in the organization, from colleagues, managers and juniors alike. His passion for quality in work is absolutely unmatched, and has inspired several people in delivering great quality software. His skills in system architecture, programming for performance and ability to deliver solutions to any complex technology problem make him an extremely valuable individual in any role

Surendra Karandikar , (was Senior Manager, PLM Solutions, Geometric Ltd.) (Now CEO, Prorigo Software Pvt. Ltd.)

Nitin is a guru of software development. Many "generations" of developers (including me) from my company (3DPLM Software) had the pleasure of being trained by the guru himself. He is passionate about everything he does - training included

He is constantly brimming with ideas - in fact, an idea he had over tea on his last day with my company, got spawned into a major initiative.

Prashant Anaskure, (was Manager, 3DPLM Software now Co Founder at Pratiti Technologies)

Nitin has conducted a few sessions in our company for developers, focusing on software development and design practices. First thing that you notice about him, is his ability to think differently. He has approached all the standard paradigms of software development with a very refreshing perspective. He has got the ability to make complex topics appear very simple, and his knowledge and mastery in this subject is revealed from the manner in which he breaks down complex problems and helps to identify solutions.

I will recommend anyone looking for help in streamlining their design / development practices to work with him.

Sushilendra Deshpande, Director, SigmaTEK Systems India Private Limited