Open Source Projects

SVNPlot - Statistics and Graphs of Subversion Repository

SVNPlot is useful for calculating statistics and generating graphs of subversion repository. SVNPlot is an open source project that I have started. It is hosted on Bitbucket and released under BSD license. Check SVNPlot page for more details.

Social Network Analysis of Rietveld Subversion Repository

I have been studying if we can apply the social network analysis (SNA) to Subversion repositories. I also wrote a blog article about it. I am using the sqlite3 database created with SVNPlot to study the SNA. I am using Rietveld project as an example.

Thinking Craftsman's Tool Kit (TC Toolkit):

Since I am consulting on software development, I felt a need for analyzing code quickly to detect code hotspots, hotspots which need to be addressed first. The techniques I am using are different than traditional 'static code analysis' (e.g. using tools like lint, PMD, FindBugs etc). I am using a mix of various code metrics and visualizations to detect 'anomalies'.

The Thinking Craftsman toolkit is a set of programs to quickly analyze the source code. These program are written in Python. The source code for Thinking Craftsman Toolkit is hosted on Bitbucket. It is published under New BSD license.

  • Code Duplication Detector (CDD):
  • Token Tag Cloud (TTC):
  • Treemap Visualization for Source Monitor Metrics data (SMTreemap)

Check the Sample Results of TC Toolkit Here