Articles and Thoughts

I write my thoughts on different topics. Most of the articles are about software development. But there are few general articles also.

Articles (General)


Few years back, I learned the Mindmaping technique from Tony Buzan's Mindmap Book. Now I am regular user of Mindmaps. Below are few Mindmaps that I created.

  1. Mindmaping for Software Company (PDF)
  2. Multiple Facets of Software Design (PDF)
  3. Becoming Better Software Developer (PDF)
  4. Software Project Management (PDF)
  5. Software IPR Management (PDF)

Presentations and Webinars

My presentations on slideshare and webinars and conference talks etc

  1. Common Sense Software Development (Presentation)
  2. Iterator - A powerful but under-appreciated pattern (Webinar). The presentation of webinar is here2
  3. CSS Basics
  4. Understanding DevOps Core Concepts I meet many developers who think that 'Deploying and using Jenkins' means they are using DevOps and are now 'DevOps Engineer'. Thats a really bad misconception. This talk focuses on Business Benefits of DevOps. It starts with DevOps definition of 'lowering risk of change with tools and culture' and explains why and what Business Benefits teams must get if they are really following DevOps 'spirit'
  5. Daily Habits of Highly Agile Developers I gave this talk in Pune Agile UnConference 2018. It was appreciated by many. The slides of the talk are available on slideshare.
  6. Object Oriented Containers - Applying SOLID Principles to Docker/Container Design Slides my talk in Siemens Tech Conclave 2018. When I started studying best practices of Docker container design, I started seeing parallels with SOLID design principles. This talk was a somewhat random exploration of various recommended Best Practices of Docker container design and how we can derive same best practices by applying SOLID design principles
  7. Psychology of Successful Agile I gave this talk in Pune Agile UnConference 2019. Agile is "human centric" philosophy. Consequently behaviour, mindset and cognitive biases of team members have serious impact on success of Agile implementation. The field of behaviour economics studies the impact of cognitive, cultural, social factors on 'human decision making'. Recent research and books by the likes of Kahenman, Thaler and Barry Schwartz give us many insights on these factors. My session "Psycology of Successful Agile" is about understanding how cognitive biases and social/cultural factors impact Agile implementations and how we can take advantage of some biases and how we can address negative effects of other biases. . The slides of Psychology of Successful Agile are available on slideshare.