Hands on experience in Multiple Technologies, Languages, Frameworks and Domains

  • C/C++, Python
  • MFC, Qt, X/Motif
  • OpenGL, Geometry algorithms
  • Enterprise Application development and integration

Writing high quality code

  • Nearly bug free, easy to debug and self documenting

Design and implementation of Complex Algorithms

Implementations that are:

  • Efficient (memory and performance)
  • Flexible

Software Design and Architecture

Considering multiple aspects/facets of design

  • modular, flexible and extensible design
  • Objected Oriented Design
  • Algorithm design
  • Design for performance
  • Design for testability

Full Life Cycle of Various Types projects

  • Large Scale software development projects
  • R & D Projects
  • Projects in new domains/technologies and languages
  • Maintenance projects

Guiding and Mentoring individual developers and project teams

  • In writing high quality code
  • Especially teams facing quality and delivery pressures

Design and implementation ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) Infrastructure

  • Project automation to improve team productivity and quality
  • Various practical tools and metrics for early warnings of potential problems