Subversion Statistics forRietveld (/trunk/)

(20 Jan 2011)

As tribute to python and author of Python-Guido van Rossum,  I have generated the graphs below for Rietveld project.

These results are generated with SVNPlot (version 0.7.3)

General Statistics
Head Revision Number : 640
First Revision Number : 1
Last Commit Date : Dec 23, 2010 03:43 PM
First Commit Date : May 01, 2008 12:16 AM
Revision Count : 476
Author Count : 14
File Count : 99
LoC : 20554
Top 10 Hot List

Top 10 Active Files

  1. /codereview/
  2. /
  3. /templates/issue_base.html
  4. /templates/base.html
  5. /codereview/
  6. /templates/issue_pagination.html
  7. /templates/repos_base.html
  8. /codereview/
  9. /templates/patchset.html
  10. /templates/search.html

Top 10 Active Authors

  1. albrecht.andi
  2. techtonik
  4. ibmirkin
  5. gvanrossum
  6. evan.martin
  9. john.abdelmalek
Commit Activity Index

The new commits are slowed down. The code seems to be stabilized with no new features getting added.
File Count and Lines of Code stats
Lines of Code

At start of december jquery.js is added and that gave big jump in the LoC count.
 Lines of Code
(Contributed by different Authors)

Contributed lines of code is good way to get a 'feel' of different authors contributions overtime.   But remember that LoC is not a good way of measuring a contribution. So if you want to use SVNPlot , donot use this as input for appraisals :-)
Average File Size (in Lines)
Average file size is relatively small and it is now stabilized. To me it indicates the quality and care of the developers.
File Count
File count is stabilizing. Addition of new files is not so frequent. Its an indication that major part of feature development is done and now the project is slowly going in maintainance phase.
 LoC and Churn
churn - number of lines modified (added lines +deleted lines). A very high churn as before release may indicate potential problems in release
File Types

Commit Activity Graphs

Commit Activity by Day of Week
It seems for some reason Tuesday is favourite day for commiting. I am not sure why. My guess will be developers get new ideas over weekend (Sat/Sun) and they implement and commit by Tuesday
Commit Activity by Time of Day
5-6pm seems be typical time of commit. The commit times are in GMT. And I am not sure abou the geographical location of the team members. So no conclusion here.

However, if this is a project in a software company with all developers in same timezone and there are regular commits at 10pm, I will conclude that developers are overworking and probably the project is trouble.
 Author Commit Activity (by Hour of Day)
Author Activity
Authors activity in terms of 'addition', 'modifications' and 'deletions' of files. Its an indirect indication of author's role as 'contributor' of new features/code and maintainer of existing code.
Directory Size Graphs
  Directory Sizes
There is a significant increase in Dec 2008 (probably because of addition of jquery  related files)

Current Directory Sizes

Directory Size (Number of Files)

Tag Cloud of Words in Commit Log Messages
account add appspot avoid base change chromium code codereview com comment default diff django email error file fix git http line link list make more need nickname page patch patchset py remove review rietveld see set show side support svn tag template up update upload url use user using work
Author Cloud
The size of Author name represents number of commits by author.
Color of author name represents the 'activity temperature'. Recent activity gives 'redder' color. If there are no recent activity color slow goes to 'blue'.

This representation gives an idea about who are recent contributors and who contributed big chunks

Jiayao.Yu albrecht.andi evan.martin gvanrossum ibmirkin john.abdelmalek techtonik