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(15 Aug 2009)

General Statistics
Head Revision Number : 73196
First Revision Number : 2161
Last Commit Date : Jun 04, 2009 07:10 AM
First Commit Date : Aug 09, 1990 02:25 PM
 Revision Count
Author Count : 171
File Count : 5442
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Top 10 Active Files

  1. /python/trunk/Misc/NEWS
  2. /python/trunk/Doc/library/unittest.rst
  3. /python/trunk/Lib/
  4. /python/trunk/Lib/distutils/
  5. /python/trunk/Misc/ACKS
  6. /python/trunk/Lib/test/
  7. /python/trunk/Objects/frameobject.c
  8. /python/trunk/Lib/
  9. /python/trunk/Objects/dictobject.c
  10. /python/trunk/Lib/distutils/tests/

Top 10 Active Authors

  1. tarek.ziade
  2. benjamin.peterson
  3. r.david.murray
  4. antoine.pitrou
  5. georg.brandl
  6. martin.v.loewis
  7. mark.dickinson
  8. gregory.p.smith
  9. raymond.hettinger
  10. amaury.forgeotdarc
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amaury.forgeotdarc andrew.macintyre andrewmcnamara antoine.pitrou barry.warsaw benjamin.peterson collin.winter davecole doerwalter edloper eric.smith fred.drake georg.brandl gregory.p.smith gregorykjohnson guido guilherme.polo hirokazu.yamamoto jack.diederich jeffrey.yasskin jeremy.hylton jeroen.ruigrok jesse.noller jhylton kurt.kaiser lars.gustaebel mark.dickinson mark.hammond martin.blais martin.v.loewis matthias.klose nascheme nick.coghlan nnorwitz patrick.maupin philip.jenvey r.david.murray raymond.hettinger richard.jones robert.schuppenies ronald.oussoren steven.bethard tarek.ziade theller thomas.heller thomas.wouters trent.nelson vinay.sajip walter.doerwald