Advanced Learning Programs

Multiple Facets of Design

Usually Participants know the design methodologies like Procedural, Object Oriented, Functional. However, while architecting a real life project you have to keep many other aspects of design in mind. This program focusses on covering the aspects of design/architecture, which many times are missed during initial design considerations and discussions.

  • Methodologies
  • Algorithm design
  • User Interface Design
  • Design by Contract
  • Design for Testability and debuggability
  • Design for performance
  • Design for scale

Duration : Half Day (3-4 hrs)

Design Patterns

The programs introduces the commonly used design patterns from GoF book. It covers concept of Design Patterns, Types of Patterns (Creational, Behavioural, Structural), Common design patterns from each type with examples and discusssions on pros/cons of each pattern.

Duration : 4-6 sessions of half day each OR 2-3 full day sessions (depending on number of patterns to be covered)

Performance Optimization

This program teaches participants principles of achieving an 'order of magnitude' improvement in performance ? The program covers topics like

  • What is 'profiler' ? Why use 'profiler' ? How to interprete profiler output ?
  • Specific strategies to improve performance
  • Impact of selection of data structure
  • Impact of data size (scale)

Duration : Half day

Design Workshop

Intensive hands-on design workshop

  • Participants have to create design for given problem.
  • Basic Design Principles and multiple facets/aspects of design will be discussed
  • Participants will then present their designs. The designs will be critically reviewed based on principles discussed.
  • Now Participants have to improve the design based on the review feedback and present it again.

Duration : 2-3 Days