Comprehensive Learning Programs

These programs are designed for working developers and are series of programs typically taking two weeks to 4 weeks (in some cases even 6 months).

These programs start from refreshing 'beginner level concepts' and goes on to 'Craftsman Level' sesssion. * The programs allow for time to think and digest what is learned. * Participants are encouraged to question everything that is being taught. * Typically each session is of 2 hrs duration.

Developing Better Developers

Topics Covered are

  • Effective Code Review
  • Understanding basics of memory management
  • Design Principles
  • Design Patterns
  • Multiple Facets of Design
  • Basic of Performance Optimization
  • Project Automation
  • Code Kata

Advanced C++ (Level 1 & 2)

Topics covered are

  • Advanced macros
  • Error and exception handling
  • RTTI (Run Time Type Identification)
  • Advanced templates
  • Effective STL
  • Memory Management in C++
  • STL iostreams
  • Implementing Design Patterns (Singleton, Abstract Factory, Iterator, Proxy)
  • Internationalization, Unicode, Multithreading etc