Must Read Articles for a software devleoper

I regularly read many blogs. Martin Fowler's bliki, Paul Graham's essays, articles of Joel Spolsky, Jeff Atwood, Bob Sutton's blog etc are few my favourite blogs.

Over years, these authors help me shape and clarify my thinking on software development, project management, handling teams etc. Hence I thought creating list of these articles will be helpful to other developers as well.

Articles from Paul Graham's essays :

Articles from Bob Sutton's Blog :

Bob suttons' articles are about management, handling teams, design and innovation. He is the author of book 'No Asshole Rule'. Every manager and start up founders should read this book.

Articles and Blog of Martin Fowler :

I learned lot of good software design concepts by reading Martin Fowler's article. His book on Refactoring is a must read for any serious software developer.

Articles of Joel Spolsky :

Many people complain that Joel articles are just plain common sense and there is no new insight. However, as you may have discovered in your orgnization and else where common sense is not so common.

Articles from Pragmatic Programmer

These guys wrote the 'pragmatic programmer' series of book. The Pragmatic Programmer : from journeyman to Master is a 'must read'. Pragmatic Project Automation and Pragmatic Version Control are also good.

Robert Martin and other authors articles on Object Mentor

Robert Martin's articles on OO Design are always insightful and a pleasure to read. The 'Design Principles' series of articles is definitely a must read.